Cast Bios: Frankenstein

Andy De: (Viktor Frankenstein) is thrilled to be working at Off The Quill again! He thanks Tom, Pat, Leanne, Jimmy and Don for the laughs, and looks forward to working with them again. Andy can’t wait to start working with Sean on his upcoming web series, “An Arm and a Leg.” If you’re interested in what Andy does when he’s not in Greenbelt, check out what trouble he and his buddies at the Coil Project are getting into at

Jimmy Heyworth: (the Creature) is so thrilled to appear in his second OTQ production! He doesn’t find himself on stage as much as he would like these days, as he works wonky hours at his job as a medical device rep and tends to his 6 month old daughter, Fiona. He still dreams of gracing a Broadway stage someday; and also turning a bit role on a hit TV show into becoming a cast regular because the director thought he was so good — Jimmy would be lost without the constant love and support of his wife, Stephanie, and he thanks her for allowing him to devote so much time away from home for the last month to work on this show. Love you, Bee!

Leanne Dinverno: (Elizabeth / the Bride / Agatha) is one of the co-founders of Off the Quill  She was named one of DCMTA’s Best Directors of a Professional Play in 2015 for the Complete Works of William Shakespeare – Abridged.  She was last seen in OTQ’s Violent Delights, reprising her role of the Crone from their debut production, and in The Coil Project’s Capital Fringe Festival production, A Slow Bullet.  Up next she will be producing The Coil Project’s annual Halloween Anthology, Strange Tales IV. By day she teaches theatre at Northwestern High School’s Jim Henson Visual and Performing Arts program.

Patrick Mullen: (Clerval / Felix) is the Artistic Director and one of the co-founders of Off the Quill. Frankenstein marks his third adaptation/original work for Off the Quill, after Violent Delights: A Shakespearean Brawlesque Sideshow, and Hamlet: Believe None of Us. He was named one of DCMTA Best Directors of a Professional Play in 2016 for A Few Good Men.

Sean P. Mullen: (William) is a fourth grader at Greenbelt Elementary School.  He wants to thank his parents for finally letting him be in one of their plays.  He really admires Andy, even though he has only seen him in one other show.

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