We need your help! Theatre takes money. We are throwing our all in, but we would love your help.

Check out our Kickstarter for Violent Delights: A Shakespearean Brawl-esque Sideshow!

Violent Delights Kickstarter

And a poem of the story of OTQ & Violent Delights for you:

The story of OTQ & Violent Delights

Four friends met and hatched a plot,
Around artistic goals we all sought.
Do you like movement and dance?
Do you like music, perchance?
Do you like stage combat, too?
Theatre blended is OTQ!

So Violent Delights did we write.
Scrawling down on all in sight.
On the walls and boxes too.
We did write for OTQ!

With scripts in hand, we cast away.
Bringing more into our fray.
Striving on, more trials we met.
On all sides we were beset.

But nothing stops this OTQ.
Flexibility we do.
Our sideshow will always go
Despite our challenges and so…

We rehearsed this here and there.
We rehearsed this everywhere.
We rehearsed this in a house!
We rehearsed, thanks to my spouse!
We rehearsed this on a box!
We rehearsed our fighting blocks!
We rehearsed this in a yard!
On driveways with sticks we sparred!
In breakrooms we rolled on mats!
In living rooms. At Lea and Pat’s!
We rehearsed this here and there!
We rehearsed this everywhere!

Now our opening draws nigh,
And more and more we’re forced to buy,
To make our Shakespeare show come true
And stock the props for OTQ.

We come to you, Kickstarter mates!
Please help all our supplies inflate.
Grow some props and costumes, too.
Rent a space for OTQ.
Dancing shoes, fighting floor.
Get us daggers, swords, and more!
Assist us up our debut hill.
And support the art of Off the Quill.

A thank you from OTQ
OTQ does most thank you.
Offering both art and fun.
Creating shows for everyone!

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