Meet the Cast

Meet the Cast

The Creation of the World and Other Business by Arthur Miller


Elliott Bales

Azrael, God (u/s)

Elliott Bales joins the cast as Azrael, the Angel of Death. He returned to performing following a 26 year career as a US Army officer, appearing as Beethoven in 33 Variations (Little Theater of Alexandria), Morgan in The Drawer Boy (Port City Playhouse), Alquist in Rossum’s Universal Robots (Naked Theater Company), Ebeneezer Scrooge in A Christmas Carol (LTA), and the Actor in Woman in Black (LTA). He has also performed in television and film and narrates audio books.

Rather than try to describe Elliott, we will let his status from earlier about today’s rehearsal speak for itself: “Pick up 170 lb Lucifer. Hold him over your head. Spin him around your body in a snake spin. He fails. Almost falls. You catch him and tear muscles. Repeat. For 6 hours. Have actor playing Lucifer call you old. Begin counting the hours before you have his sorry butt over your head again so you can body slam him. Smile. And wait.”


Tamieka Chavis


Tamieka Chavis joins the OTQ family in the role of Chemuel, the Angel of Mercy.

Tamieka says “I never thought monkeying around with these guys could be so much fun! Well, the same goes for snaking around….and bugging around….and hopping around….and flying around….and hunting around….etc….AND I get to be the friggin’ Angel of Mercy!!! I love what I do and I love doing it with these guys!!! #doingthehappydance ”

Tamieka is one of the most joyful, dedicated, hard-working, positive people we have ever had the pleasure to work with, and we are beyond excited for audiences to see her bring those qualities to the stage as Chemuel.


Leanne Dinverno*

Uriel, Eve (u/s)
Media & Marketing, Costumes Assistant

Leanne is one of the co-founders of Off the Quill, having previously co-wrote, produced, and acted in their Fringe debut last summer, “Violent Delights.” She will also be Assistant Directing their next production, “84, Charing Cross Road.”

About “Creation,” Leanne says, “This show was one of the first we had mentioned wanting to stage, way back in 2011 when OTQ was just a dream. I never could have imagined the wonder that it has turned out to be, or that we would find such talented, dedicated, hard-working actors to make our little dream come true. Katie and Kathleen have pushed everyone farther than they thought they could go, and the results are going to blow you away.”


Mike Dombroski

Raphael, Cain/Abel (u/s)

Michael J. Dombroski joins the cast in the role of the angel Raphael.

When asked to describe his role in the show, Mike explains that he plays “an ANIMAL! (and an angel and a couple of trees and a scorpion and a hummingbird and a rabbit and an iguana and a den and a bush and an elephant and a bird and a waterfall and a snake and… at least four other things).”

Michael will also be starring in the lead role of Frank Doel in OTQ’s next production, “84 Charing Cross Road,” coming to the Greenbelt Arts Center in June!


Eben Kuhns

Abel, Adam (u/s)

Eben Kuhns joins the show in the role of Abel. His earnestness in the part is a perfect match to Joel’s Adam.

Eben is a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University’s theatre program. Most recently seen as Thomas McCoy on the streets of Revel Grove at the Maryland Renaissance Festival, and as Trinculo in PG County Theatre’s The Tempest.

In addition to portraying Abel, Eben is also (albeit briefly) an Angel in our opening sequence. Director Katie Wanschura says, “Eben is a truly flexible movement actor. I love that he’s up to try anything. I could watch him be a chimpanzee for hours— and that is definitely a compliment!”


Casey Leffue


Casey Leffue joins the cast as Eve. With her varied experiences in so many different disciplines (acting, singing, stage combat, martial arts, horseback riding, commedia, puppetry…), Casey was a perfect fit for Off the Quill.

Co-founder and Artistic Director Patrick Mullen says, “How do you ask someone to be the first woman, the first wife, the first sinner, the first mother, and the first mother to lose a child? Eve is one of the greatest roles ever written. We gave Casey a monumental task, and she has more than risen to that challenge.”


Joel Lorenzetti


Joel Lorenzetti stars in the role of Adam. Joel was also in OTQ’s Fringe production “Violent Delights” as Big Brother, where he received rave reviews, including DC Theatre Scene saying he “breathed new, chilling life into the often-performed Richard III.”

Co-founder and Artistic Director Patrick Mullen says, “Joel has this natural quality about him, an openness. During auditions, we knew we had to find someone who could be as honest as Adam, in a real and un-ironic way. As soon as Joel read for Adam, it was impossible to ever see anyone else playing that role.”


Brian Moors


Director Katie Wanschura says, “God is an easy role to play as a ‘Johnny-one-note.’ Brian goes above and beyond. I love the texture and tenderness he brings to the character in addition to the strength and the fire-and-brimstone moments. The masculine and feminine together in a compassionate and vengeful God–he’s spot on.”


Kathleen Moors


Kathleen Moors is our resident Choreographer, creating the amazing dance/movement numbers in “Creation.” Her work was last seen locally in OTQ’s debut “Violent Delights,” as well as the Greenbelt Arts Center’s “Big River.” Prior to her work here, Kathleen was a professional salsa dancer and instructor at Santo Rico Dance School in NYC, traveled internationally with the professional dance company, coached Xibición Santo Rico (adult performance team) and the Santoriquitas (teen girls performance team), taught and choreographed for children of all ages, and was the assistant instructor in the HBO short film documentary “El Espíritu de la Salsa”.

When asked about this production, Kathleen says “I love this cast… I am working with a group of people who aren’t afraid to try anything and firmly believe they will be able to accomplish things they never imagined they could just because we tell them so. The possibilities are endless.”


Patrick Mullen*

Lucifer (u/s)
Movement, Lighting Designer, Fight Choreographer, Sets, Producer, Artistic Director

Director Katie Wanschura says, “There would simply be no show with him.”


Joe Roberts

Cain, Castiel

Joe Roberts will be joining the OTQ family in the role of Cain.

When asked about us, Joe says “Can I just say, Off the Quill really has something here. The way the production team has combined colorful characters with movement and talent is something of a bit of magic. I’ve been looking for a company like this for a long time.”

Joe is truly a Jack-Of-All-Trades, bringing his enthusiasm, dedication, and talent to everything he does. We are thrilled for audiences to see everything he has to offer!


Thomas Stratton


Thomas Stratton stars as Lucifer. Thomas is a recent graduate of the University of Maryland’s Theater program.

Leanne Dinverno (OTQ co-founder and fellow cast-member) says, “It would have been extremely easy for Thomas to play your run-of-the-mill Lucifer; we’ve all seen that character before. But Thomas has a much more three-dimensional approach to the role. He brings not just a likeability to Lucifer, but a vulnerability. Not many actors could portray this subtlety while still playing someone so over-the-top. But Thomas manages to take Lucifer, someone so universally reviled, and actually make him a sympathetic figure.”

*OTQ Founding Member