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We are proud that we are federally recognized as a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization. Thank you to all our amazing supporters and donors along the way!


HigOTQ_logo_white_100x100h-quality stage weapons, foam flooring and mats for lifts and tricks, rehearsal space rentals with high enough ceilings for our movement pieces, not to mention all those”normal” theatrical items, like lights, sets, and costumes, all cost money.

Your donation will help OTQ safely create to new, vibrant interpretations of classical and modern works, as well as original pieces, that blend the various performance arts disciplines into an accessible, entertaining, and thought-provoking work of theater.

For instance:

  • With your $30, OTQ can purchase 24 square feet of foam tiling to cushion our tumbling.
  • With your $60, OTQ can purchase one high-quality stage short sword that can withstand rigorous stage combat rehearsals and performances.
  • With your $90, OTQ can rent one evening of rehearsal space with high enough ceilings to safely practice lifts and tricks.

Thank you for your OTQ support!

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