Play Description & Characters

King Kirby

by Crystal Skillman and Fred van Lante
Directed by Keith Cassidy


Even the origin stories have an origin story.

For over 50 years, Jack Kirby was the driving force behind the most iconic comic book characters in American pop culture. This is the story of the work that made the marvels.


Aside from Kirby, most actors will likely play multiple roles, not listed here, of different ages and in different decades

Jack Kirby: Jewish-American New Yorker, comic book artist. A single-minded, artistic innovator. Ages from young man to 74 during the action of the show. Artistic ability a plus, as the character is supposed to be drawing live during the show.

Stan Lee: Legendary comic book writer, ambitious friend/sometimes-rival/foil to Jack. Ages from young intern to the head of Marvel Comics during the action of the show.

Roz: Wife of Jack for 54 years until his death. She was always by his side, literally and figuratively: through his time as a soldier in WWII, as the mother of his four children, and even helping ink comics during the early stages of his career.

Joe Simon: Editor who gives Kirby his big break.

Victor Fox/Martin Goodman: fellow comic book artist/ Jack’s publisher

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