Published on July 24, 2017, by in King Kirby.

stan-lee-starI’ve known Stan Lee since childhood. He was my friend. An adult, yes, but an adult with the good sense to know his jokes were bad, who would let you spoil your dinner. The kind of guy who always seemed to be trying a little too hard, but was so endearing you couldn’t help but like him.

Of course, I never actually met Stan Lee. (more…)


I have a confession to make. As a kid, I never really liked Jack Kirby’s artwork.


When I started collecting comics, the artist everyone was talking about was Neil Adams. I quickly became a Neil Adams super-fan. Jack Kirby’s (to my untrained eye) blocky and cartoony layouts just never measured up to Adams’ smooth, flowing compositions, featuring subtle, realistic facial expressions as well as his detailed knowledge of musculature and anatomy. I actually thought Kirby’s work was ugly by comparison…How foolish I was.