About Off the Quill

OTQ_logo_white_100x100Off the Quill was founded by four like-minded friends (Patrick Mullen, Katie Wanschura, Leanne Dinverno, and J. Peter Langsdorf) who wanted to create a different kind of theater experience. One that blends many different mediums, like stage combat, dance, clowning, physicality, to present truly compelling stories to the audience. We aim to take classic and modern stories and make them our own, either by writing new material or presenting them in innovative ways.


Our Mission

Off the Quill is an experimental theater company dedicated to the art of storytelling.

We believe that the purpose of theater is to entertainevoke emotionbroaden the mind, and communicate.


o   We recognize that the majority of communication is non-verbal, and non-language dependent. Off the Quill blends multiple performance mediums, such as dance, music, and movement, with traditional acting styles to create a single universal art form.


o   We seek to create theater that is accessible to everyone, not just to a select, elite, educated or privileged few.  Off the Quill believes that theater should represent all people and perspectives; that the universality of the human experience is explored best when it is embraced collectively by an audience.


o   We believe that to produce a show that resonates you must be aware of how it relates to a modern audience. History and text are a springboard, not a destination. If there is a discrepancy between text and storytelling, where possible, we err on the side of storytelling.

We seek to produce new, vibrant interpretations of classical and modern works, as well as original pieces, which blend the various performance arts disciplines into an accessible, entertaining, and thought-provoking work of theater.